CMIR and UF!

The CMIR is an amazing resource on the campus of the University of Florida for those interested in tomorrow’s journalism and communication forms. This is a place where public relations, advertising, and public interest combine to develop. The CMIR can be found in AHA! The Innovation CoLab.

This is a facility which opened for students and faculty explore emerging technology with a space which spans for 1,200 square foot production studio for students to use their skills of digital technology and developing campaigns. This is such an amazing resource to be accessible to, especially as a student at The University of Florida who is pursuing a career in something involving public relations or something involving the digital media.

With this said life as a journalism student at UF has been a blessing because of all of the many resources and professional help I am privy to at this institution. With an on-campus newsroom like WUFT to the AHA!  Innovation lab, there is an endless number of things that I can get involved in to further develop my digital media, public relations, and communication skills.

Being in the College of Communications and Journalism has provided me with the tools and knowledge that far surpass anything I’d be able to accomplish in my short two years here along with the confidence in knowing that I have more experience than the average telecommunications/journalism major coming out of college. The courses are challenging, but very useful especially because it is helping me better prepare for my future endeavors.

This experience has definitely been one of a kind I am so grateful to have been able to take advantage of all that the University of Florida has to offer!!




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Heaven is a young media professional at the University of Florida and works for WUFT News and TV 20. She is also a writer for Synergy, a publication through the Gainesville Black Professionals. She is currently in her third and final year as an undergraduate at UF where she looks to graduate early in spring 2019. She’s from St. Petersburg, Florida  where her passion for journalism began. After realizing she was the star of the newscast for the morning news in her elementary school, she has since found a true love for journalism and reporting. She has her sights set on becoming a red carpet correspondent or a host of a talk show of some sort. Her blog is very engaging and a must-read!


Clarisa is an amazingly talented telecommunications-News major at the University of Florida just as much of my peers are. She works as a local news reporter for the PBS affiliated WUFT News in Gainesville. Her work also includes radio covering stories for NPR affiliated 89.1 WUFT-FM on local news. What I love about Clarisa and her blog is her evident love for her heritage. As a proud Peruvian American she has served her Hispanic community by writing for the radio Spanish program called Noticias on local, national and international news. You MUST check out her blog!


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Alexis had a very detailed bio about her experience as a Telecommunications-News major at the University of Florida. She is a fourth year from Tampa Florida. Likewise, she has a passion for sports and her blog reflects this love of hers. She also has a plethora of experience form the University of Florida’s, WUFT News where she works as an anchor on the first at five newscast and other things she’s involved in in the newsroom. She spends a great deal of time volunteering and went on a study abroad trip in the summer of 2018 to broaden her horizons and expand her experience ass a broadcaster.





My Peers!

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Amanda talks about different sporting events and pivotal moments in sport across the country was very in-depth and professional. I love how she gives her perspective on games like the Gators-Vols rivalry football game during week 3 of college football. She gave a synopsis of how important the game was for both of the teams. Cheney spoke about how this was an early season must-win for both teams. I also really like how she talked about the history of the rivalry game. But she doesn’t just cover specific games, her work also included highlighting players, historic speeches made by athletes, and historic teams in general. She is a senior at the University of Florida majoring in telecommunications. She is similarly very interested in sports broadcasting as she is also a student-athlete. Her blog is very informative and interesting.


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Tyla also has a very informative but didn’t address sports rather food and great places to eat. A self-proclaimed foodie myself, I really enjoyed Tyla’s blog in its entirety. From highlighting different restaurants in different cities. She also discusses the different health benefits of being vegan or vegetarian and different trends seen in millennials when choosing their food. But her blog doesn’t stop there. What’s better than food? Dessert! She also has a post about a variety of desserts and a video of a dessert buffet she filmed. I also really enjoyed her About Me tab. She was very engaging and I loved to hear about the successful Instagram page she runs with her best friend. I checked out the page through her use of SEO and it captured my attention as all of the food on the page looked delicious. She is a fourth-year telecommunications major at the University of Florida as well. Very interesting blog!


Courtney is also a senior majoring in Telecommunications-News at the University of Florida like myself, and some of my other peers. She found a love for sports at an early age and is working to go into the sports broadcasting industry. With this said, her blog is similar to Amanda’s as she highlights major gator sports teams and games that have happened throughout the semester. She primarily focuses on Gators football and Gators men’s basketball as she provides a brief summary of many of the games. Very in-depth, well-written blog!



headshot coreyCorey Staples is a telecommunications major at the University of Florida with an outside concentration in Sport Management. She is from Atlanta, Georgia and transferred to the University of Florida in 2017 after graduating from Santa Fe College with her AA degree. She is currently on the gators women’s basketball team and competes in the
SouthEastern Conference.

Her experience on UF’s women’s basketball team has provided her with a competitive drive which she plans on using to become the best sports broadcaster there is.  Her relevant coursework includes her TV 1 shifts for her Advanced Interactive Reporting class where she writes, produces, and reports for WUFT News in Gainesville Florida.




There are many studies that have shown the health benefits of laughter and how finding a way to smile through the pain can help relieve stress . For many college students and athletes, their lives consist of strenuous schedules which consume most of their time, but I have found that when I surround myself with optimistic people that make me smile, I tend to forget about all the stressful things going on in my life.

There is a saying that you are the sum of all of the people you hang around; therefore it is vital to be extra picky with your friend group. For me, I find people in my life that force me to see the bright side of everything and this has in t=urn made me a happier person. Mental Wellness begins with your mind and mentality, and if you’re in a good head space, then everything else will work itself out. Laughing in particular is a way to improve your mental wellness. Laughter is a great medicine for all of the many struggles in life.

The following video helps explain this theory:

Friendships (SEO)

This is something that I hold dear to me because my friends and support system are really the reason I was able to maintain a solid mental state throughout my ACL recovery and darkest times. From them calling to check on me, bringing me food, taking me places that I needed to go, and bringing me flowers, my friends continuously supported me along the way. I mentioned this previously, but I realized that the more I surrounded myself with good company, the more positive outlook I had on things in my life. The Mayo Clinic did a study on the health benefits of having friends as listed below:

1. Friends get you moving- Research presented in 2012 found that something you might expect more from your mother — nagging — can actually work when it’s coming from a pal who’s pushing you to move more. 

2.Friends keep you relaxed- There’s some truth behind friendship clichés like “a shoulder to cry on.” In the face of great stress, talking with and leaning on friends really can help you get through troublesome times.

3.Friends help you live longer- But there is a significant body of research linking strong social ties to a longer lifespan

4.Friends boost Cancer survival rates- While friendships may help you live longer in any situation, social ties have also been linked specifically to overcoming cancer.

5.Friends lower heart disease- Perhaps because of their relaxation powers, friends are also good for the heart. A 2005 analysis of social support theories found that weak social ties could double heart disease risk. The link between social support and a healthy heart is even stronger for men who make one very special social tie official. 

Smile (SEO)

20 Things I Smiled About This Week 

Even though this may seem simple, when I was going through my hardest times, I always found it helpful to make list of positive things in my life. It”s always important to realize the blessings in your life. If you focus on what is good rather than what is bad then in turn you’ll find yourself happier, more optimistic, and ultimately more successful. My list this week:

1. I woke up this morning

2. I live in a free country

3. God has blessed me with an amazing life

4. I have an incredible support system

5. My friends are very consistent and helpful in my life

6. I live in the great state of Florida with amazing weather

7. I have unlimited access to books and knowledge

8. I can listen to my favorite music whenever I’m down

9. God’s love for me is eternal

10. I’m in great health

11. I have opportunities to volunteer and help others

12. I can make others smile/laugh

13. I have unlimited access to lake Alice to chill by and relax

14. Snacks

15. My niece and nephew who are always so happy to see me

16. Great jokes

17. The amazing outdoors

18. My record-player

19. A bed to sleep in

20. I attend the greatest university in the country!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

You should try this to every week or so and see how your life changes!